‘Indian Police Force’ Amazon web series review 2024: cops universe from Rohit Shetty

The Indian Police Force takes centre stage in a thrilling new action series directed by the renowned Bollywood filmmaker Rohit Shetty and his collaborator Sushwanth Prakash. This gripping tale is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, promising an adrenaline-packed experience for viewers.

The plot revolves around the intense journey of Delhi Police Officer Kabir Malik, played by the talented Sidharth Malhotra. Alongside him, the star-studded cast includes Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Vivek Anand Oberoi, adding an extra layer of excitement to the narrative.

As fans dive into this action-packed series, they share their thoughts on the captivating storyline and stellar performances. Join the conversation and see what viewers have to say about this gripping adventure in law enforcement!

Rohit Shetty, the maestro behind Bollywood’s car-chasing spectacles, collaborates with Sushwanth Prakash to bring us the action-packed ‘Indian Police Force’ web series, now available on Amazon Prime Video. Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and Vivek Anand Oberoi, the series promises a gripping narrative following the journey of Delhi Police Officer Kabir Malik.

A Different Shade of Cop Universe

Indian Police Force

Amid the Indian Police Force saga, chaos erupts within a Goa warehouse, setting the stage for a showdown. Sidharth Malhotra and Shilpa Shetty, portraying relentless cops, unleash a flurry of kicks and blows on a gang of goons. The camera captures the action with a frenetic energy reminiscent of indie action flicks, but the scene, though competently executed, feels somewhat prolonged and lacks imagination. It’s all very matter-of-fact.

Indian Police Force Cameo Amazon Web Series

As the skirmish spills onto a boat along the shoreline, my yearning for a surprise Ranveer Singh cameo intensifies. Director Rohit Shetty, often teased for his penchant for explosive car sequences and zany comedy, presents the Indian Police Force as a departure from his usual style. Co-directed with Sushwanth Prakash, the series, now available on Prime Video, marks Shetty’s foray into a cop universe that caters to audiences seeking a blend of lean storytelling and realism—fans akin to those of Special OPS and Khakee: The Bihar Chapter.

Beneath Shetty’s signature bombastic exterior lies a more restrained narrative, devoid of the usual frills. Protagonist Kabir (Malhotra), a dedicated officer in the special cell unit, teams up with Vikram (Vivek Oberoi), his senior, to unravel a series of bombings orchestrated by the Indian Mujahideen. The attacks, including one on Delhi Police’s Raising Day, create an “open challenge” that propels the duo into action. Kabir, grappling with recent widowhood, and Vikram, whose family takes a back seat in the storyline, pursue a bespectacled mastermind superbly portrayed by Mayank Tandon. The addition of Tara (Shilpa Shetty), a spirited toughie from the Gujarat ATS, injects a fresh dynamic into the pursuit.

As Malhotra’s character boasts, “Club me with Singham, Simmba, Sooryavanshi,” Shetty embraces the wish but tempers the bombast, offering a more streamlined and efficient narrative in the Indian Police Force. It’s a curious departure from the director’s usual extravagance—an element that, while intriguing, may also leave viewers feeling a bit numb.

Indian Police Force Ott Platform all details

TitleIndian Police Force (Hindi)
CreatorRohit Shetty
CastSidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, Mukesh Rishi, Nikitin Dheer, Sharad Kelkar, Mayank Tandon
Run-time30 to 50 minutes
StorylineA gripping cat-and-mouse chase between a mercurial terrorist and the brave personnel of the nation’s police forces
Indian Police Force

While Shetty is known for his explosive action and comedic flair, ‘Indian Police Force’ takes a departure from the bombast. The series, although lacking the usual Shetty frills, introduces a lean and realistic approach, catering to audiences who appreciate a more grounded action spectacle. However, some viewers may find the series lacking the bombast seen in Shetty’s previous works like Singham, Simmba, and Sooryavanshi.

Indian Police Force Star Cast

  1. Sidharth Malhotra: Kabir Malik (Delhi Police Officer)
  2. Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Tara (Gujarat ATS Officer)
  3. Vivek Anand Oberoi: Vikram (Senior Delhi Police Officer)
  4. Mukesh Rishi: [Character Name]
  5. Nikitin Dheer: [Character Name]
  6. Sharad Kelkar: [Character Name]
  7. Mayank Tandon: [Mysterious Bespectacled Mastermind

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